Matchy Matchy

I love a little bit of interior coordination – stems from living with mismatched second-hand stuff most of my adult life! So as not to waste the leftover fabric from my tuffet I decided to run up a couple of coordinating cushions. I managed to get two squares and a couple of long bias strips … More Matchy Matchy

Headaches and Hiccups

Despite being at the tail end of a four day migraine I managed to drag myself to the Big Textile Show at Leicester Racecourse, although not without mishap! Feeling smug that I’d actually got myself out of the house on time, I did think it mighty unprofessional that exhibitors were still setting up when I arrived. … More Headaches and Hiccups

X Marks the Spot

Last minute (as usual) I decided that I had to have something crafty to take with me on the ‘dogs holiday’. After listening to a ‘While She Naps‘ podcast with Mr X-Stitch I decided cross stitch would be the perfect simple and relaxing accompaniment to our Camper van trip to Dorset. As I didn’t have time … More X Marks the Spot

Creative Blip

I’m not a born creative – but occasionally I display a glimmer of potential… Back in 2015, when trespassing wandering around a local quarry I happened upon a burnt out mattress. I really liked the shape of the springs so I untangled a few and off home I went. I knew pretty much straight away … More Creative Blip