It’s time for ‘Make Nine’!

The brain child of Rochelle New at Home Row Fiber Co with the aim of focusing makers creative aspirations for the coming year and Instagram has become the natural home for crafters to post their plans #makenine2018.

Now, I have to admit that, when it comes to crafting, I don’t plan at all. I have a whole bunch of ideas I want to try but what happens and when tends to be whim-based and I kind of like it like that. However, when it comes to dressmaking my aspirations are so vast I definitely suffer decision paralysis about what to make next.

So, for the first time I’m joining the Make Nine challenge, and here they are:

Make Nine 2018

  1. Libellule Dress – I AM Patterns
  2. Marlborough Bra – Orange Lingerie
  3. Elise Tee – Fine Motor Skills
  4. Colibri Overall – I AM Patterns
  5. Ginger Jeans – Closet Case Files
  6. Ultimate Trousers – Sew Over It
  7. Tonic 2 Top – Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick
  8. Eve Jacket – Schnittchen Patterns
  9. Hazel Dress – Victory Patterns

It was a tough choice but in the end I went for a mix of items that will challenge me (I’ve never sewn trousers/jeans or underwear before) and items I would really like more of in my wardrobe (long sleeved tops and t-shirts).

Given that I’ve got a really busy year next year renovating the upstairs of my house I think this will be more than enough.

The funny thing is that since I put together my Make Nine I have been sewing a lightweight top (New Look 6471), bought fabric for the Boatneck Tunic Dress by Michiyo Ito and some long-lusted after denim for another Ginger skirt (Colette). So, nothing from my nine. Hmmm, not sure this planning lark is going to work for me…

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