May Your Days be Merry and Bright – Very Bright

My amazingly generous dogs bought me a new sewing machine for Christmas – ordered it themselves and everything!

In love


So, it was only right that my first make on the Brother Innov-is 35 was dog related – I decided a new dog coat for small dog was in order (big dog wouldn’t be seen dead in such a thing).

As the dogs had received new collars for Christmas – embroidered with their names in orange – I decided I wanted to make a coat to match. Unfortunately the only waterproof orange material I could find was of the high-vis variety – VERY bright!


I used his old dog coat as a template – I had previously had to extend both the neck and the belly strap because he is fat cobby. I also re-used the buckle.


For the underside I used some scrap lycra – as he moults a lot I didn’t want a fabric that hair would stick to! I also bought some stretchy bias binding and heavy duty sew in velcro.

The make was easy – I basted everything as the fabrics were pretty slippy – and my new machine coped admirably.

It has been the perfect weather for a test drive – rain, snow, slush, wind… and it has since survived multiple washes. I can’t say that small dog fully appreciates his gift but, despite my initial reservations at the blinding colour, I appreciate being able to spot the little devil from half a mile away!

The camera just doesn’t capture the full day-glow effect

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