Matchy Matchy

I love a little bit of interior coordination – stems from living with mismatched second-hand stuff most of my adult life!

So as not to waste the leftover fabric from my tuffet I decided to run up a couple of coordinating cushions. I managed to get two squares and a couple of long bias strips (for the piping) out of the remnants – with the remaining fabric I had to get a little more resourceful and opted to make the cushion fronts out of eight triangles. Annoyingly I was ever so short on one of the triangles so I had to insert a little extra. This grates on my perfectionism but I’m trying to let it go!

I also decided re-use the covered buttons from my old cushions – which made up my mind about whether to insert a zip into the cushion cover – no point! The added bonus was that the button went some way to cover the previously mentioned piece-job.

The cushions were pretty easy to make – I found the Stitch Sharers tutorial particularly useful – although strangely they were more difficult than the tuffet. It seems I have issues with sewing squares, in my hands they don’t want to remain so! Although I am led to believe (by the internet) that sewing velvet without the aid of a walking foot was always going to prove challenging!

I’m pleased with the (slightly non-square) result – although these babies are for viewing, not head laying, purposes only – I was going mad trying to secure those central buttons and even now I’m not convinced they will stay that way!



And just to top it off I even had enough scraps left to back my wreath – it has always annoyed me that I could see the back of it (white polystyrene) through my glass front door!

And now I shall move on to some non-velvet related projects…


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