Little Mr Muffet

Small dog loves a pouffe. The time had come (again) to get a new one. I should say that I don’t have them specifically for the dog, he just commandeers them, and then ruins them!

My first iteration was a (very expensive even in the sale) shop bought pouffe from Plumo. I loved that pouffe.

That lasted a couple of years until the wire came loose and started poking small dog in the bum.

Next I attempted a me-made replacement which I made out of chenille – a poor choice as it wasn’t long before small dog claws had shredded the fabric.


So this time I decided to a) choose a more robust fabric b) raise the height so I could use it as a footstool and deter small dog from taking residence. It was time for a tuffet!

I went for a reasonably cheap red upholstery velvet – not as interesting as the chenille but hopefully would last longer. I then ordered a pre-cut 60cm diameter piece of mdf and some short wooden legs, both from ebay.

The great thing about buying the mdf circle was that I could use it to work out the pattern template. I found the centre of the circle using this technique and that provided me with six equal ‘wedges’. I then added a seam allowance of 2 cm around a traced wedge piece. And this time, taking no chances, I made a card pattern piece just in case I ever have to remake it!

Next I worked out how much material I would require around the tuffet edge by taking the diameter measurement and multiplying by Pi. Now before you think I’m some mathematical genius this was taken from some fantastic tuffet making instructions provided by Hayley Grzych at

The sewing up was simple, and I even remembered to put the cord for the button through the middle before sewing all the pieces right up to the centre point.

Fortunately I had enough material to create some 6mm piping which was easy to sew with the zipper foot.

Joining the piping ends together was a little more tricky but I followed a great video tutorial by MyDecozo so ended up with a pretty neat finish.

Once all the pieces were attached I turned it upside down and filled it with the foam crumb rescued from the previous pouffe. I then laid the mdf on top, bringing the cord for the buttons through two pre-drilled holes, and pulling the material tightly around the base.

It was at this point, feeling all smug, that things started to go a bit awry!

The new staple gun I had bought didn’t work so I had to resort to hammering in tacks. This was all fine until, once finished, I realised I hadn’t attached the legs! This is so typical of me! Much tack removing later I drilled holes in the mdf for the legs and attached firmly. Tacks back in. Except I then decided that the legs weren’t wide enough apart. Tacks out. Re-site legs. Tacks back in.


It was all worth it though (although my neighbour, who had to put up with non-stop hammering, may disagree). I have ordered some proper upholstery tacks (called ‘gimp pins’ – who knew!) so will add these at some point.

The final job was to secure the button. I used a piece of doweling to allow me to wind the button tight and make a nice ‘dint’ in the top of the tuffett.


I am so happy with how my tuffett turned out and I really enjoyed making it. That said, I’m hoping I don’t have to make a replacement any time soon! As yet, little dog has only used it as a spring board to the sofa so you never know this one may be a keeper….


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