Headaches and Hiccups

Despite being at the tail end of a four day migraine I managed to drag myself to the Big Textile Show at Leicester Racecourse, although not without mishap!

Feeling smug that I’d actually got myself out of the house on time, I did think it mighty unprofessional that exhibitors were still setting up when I arrived. Except that I had arrived an hour early thanks to the end of British Summer Time and me being a complete dope. This was closely followed by my second debacle of the day when I realised that I had booked in for a rag rug course – in the afternoon. In my be-fuddled head I was convinced it was in the morning. Needless to say, feeling rough as I did, I knew I wasn’t going to make it till then.

However, the show made up for my initial disappointment and I spent a lovely couple of hours wandering about, talking myself out of purchases (success) and trying not to feel completely talentless (fail). The quality (and friendliness) of the exhibitors was amazing and provided loads of inspiration for future crafting projects.

High up on the list of ‘things I must make’ were these amazing wirework lampshades.


Fortunately the ‘Wire Lady‘ runs regular mid-week sessions so, work permitting, I’d like to start learning this asap.

I was quite surprised that I was drawn to so many felted pieces – I’ve never much liked felting, perhaps it’s the cringy texture, or that I associate it with cutesy animal makes. But works such as this by the exceptionally talented Karen Lane may well be changing my mind.


There were a whole wealth of stitchy art (not a technical term) and I literally had to take myself in hand to not part with some cash. My eyes kept coming back to this little number by Sandra Jenkins – I think I will live to regret not snaffling this one.


Another really lovely highlight was being able to view sketchbooks – they were fascinating, and humorous!


So, all in all it was a trip well worth making and proved even bigger and better than last year. I love that (unlike far too many exhibitions) it’s not all about the shopping and you get to view a huge range of inspirational arts and crafts and meet some real live creatives. Maybe next year I’ll finally get to rag rug!



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