X Marks the Spot

Last minute (as usual) I decided that I had to have something crafty to take with me on the ‘dogs holiday’. After listening to a ‘While She Napspodcast with Mr X-Stitch I decided cross stitch would be the perfect simple and relaxing accompaniment to our Camper van trip to Dorset.

As I didn’t have time to research all the bits an pieces I would need I decided on a kit – I pretty much knew I would be going for an Innocent Bones creation from the off, but which risque design to choose from…

In the end ‘Don’t be a Dick‘ won the day for the great little border patterns (and the fact it’s a phrase that plays often through my mind at work!)


So I took my lovely little cross stitch kit (just add scissors) down to Dorset and in the evenings, by camp light, got busy counting squares. It’s simple, but does require a bit of concentration and good eye-sight (or glasses in my case!)

As it turned out I didn’t have as much time to craft in the evenings as expected – once I’d taken the dogs out for their last toilet break, topped up the water, done the dishes and trecked to the toilet block for my own ablutions it was pretty much sleeping bag time. I ended up finishing my cross-stitch at home a couple of weeks later.

Not quite sure where I’ll hang this!

This was my first foray into cross stitch, and wont be my last. Maybe next year I’ll be a tad more ambitious…

Pearl and Earl camper van cross stitch kit


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