Sparkle and Slouch

How many sequins does it take to fill a house?

Loving this new super-fast (and that’s saying something for me) make – a slouchy shrug type cardigan, not sure if there’s an official name for them!

It’s another Japenese pattern, from Michiyo Ito’s book ‘Simply Sewn: Clothes for Every Season‘. She calls it a ‘Bolero Cardigan’.

I actually crafted a couple of similar items in crochet to keep me out of mischief on long train journeys – just one big rectangle partially sewn at the sleeves (All About Amy has a great tutorial) – no neck hole as such you just put your arms in and it sort of slouches over your back! The one problem with woolen makes though is bobbling so they tend to be a bit short-lived.

So I was really happy to come across a fabric version in Michiyo Ito’s book ‘Simply Sewn: Clothes for Every Season‘ – with only three pieces – the body and two cuffs – not even I could go wrong!

Of course I did make it a little bit more difficult for myself in that I choose some wool look fabric scattered with mini-sequins (find it for a bargain £4.99 at Fabricland). Being a good girl I removed all the sequins from the seams so I didn’t destroy my overlocker and sewing machine. It took forever but was strangely therapeutic (eased along by a gin & tonic).


My big mistake was to not hoover up said sequins straight after completion of the task (apathy brought on by gin & tonic). Sequins have since been transported all over the house. I even had to remove some stuck to little dog’s lips!

I made up the size recommended in the book and I’m happy with the fit. At the time of sewing I was thinking that the only change I would make to the construction was that I would overlock all the hems prior to sewing the seams. But by the time I had finished I decided that I actually like the zig zag stitch hems to the overlocked ones, probably because the thread is colour-matched so were not quite so obvious – good if I want to fold the neck line over to form a collar.

The other slight change I made was to sew the cuff seam allowance down to the sleeve. As the material is quite bobbly you can’t really see the stiching and it makes a big difference to how the sleeve ‘sits’.


I’ve got a feeling this pattern will enter the tried and trusted category and have plenty more versions made over the years.

But where’s the neck hole mum?

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