Creative Blip

I’m not a born creative – but occasionally I display a glimmer of potential…

Back in 2015, when trespassing wandering around a local quarry I happened upon a burnt out mattress. I really liked the shape of the springs so I untangled a few and off home I went. I knew pretty much straight away that I wanted to make some kind of flower-like sculpture for the garden.

The springs were surprisingly difficult to bend into any sort of shape so in the end I stopped fighting (and stabbing myself with rusty metal) and decided on a simple overlapping technique fastened together with one of the all-time best inventions of all time, the cable tie.


Whilst the cable ties did a sterling job they were somewhat detracting from my creative vision! I needed to find some way to cover them. Sorry dogs, but if you will leave tennis balls lying around…

Each half of the tennis ball was attached to the centre (more cable ties) and the final touch was to spiral some chunky wool around the ball halves and secure with extra strong glue.

OK, not pristine (why do all those crafty Pinterest posts look so perfectly put together?) but I was happy as I thought these babies up all by myself. So happy in fact that I promptly put them in the shed for safe-keeping!

Roll forward to 2017, with my new fence installed and painted, and they finally have a place to live and are providing a little fun in a shady spot at the side of the house. Best of all they are a daily reminder that, occasionally, I do have small blips of creativity.

That was two years ago mind you…


You’ll notice that the very centres are a bit, well, fluffy. That’s because little dog had a quick nibble. He hasn’t forgiven me for the tennis balls.

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